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Project Description

Temple Carrig Post Primary School

Temple Carrig Greystones is a new 800-pupil (8500m2) co-educational, Post Primary school located in Greystones, County Wicklow. This was constructed on a challenging greenfield site overlooking the town.

The accommodation consists of 16 General Classrooms; 2 Lecture Rooms; a Music/Drama area; a dedicated Learning Support unit (integrated into the heart of the school); a Guidance Suite; Pastoral rooms; Religion Room/Meditation Area/Chaplains Office; 2 Mathematics Rooms; 2 Social Studies Rooms; a Multimedia Learning Laboratory; 4 Science Laboratories and Preparation Areas; Tiered Demonstration Area; 2 Art & Craft Rooms; Home Economics Room; Dress Design Room; Computer Room; Business Studies Room; Design & Communication Graphics Room; Technical Graphics Room; 3 Construction Studies/Engineering/Technology Rooms; Wood/Technology Machining Room; and Library.

Ancillary offices are also provided for the Principal, Deputy Principal and staff and meeting rooms along with a First Aid and Caretaker’s Work Area.

A 225m² General Purpose/Dining Area is also provided, together with a kitchen for serving food. There are common areas for each year group based around their locker storage, together with extensive storage facilities.

The integrated PE Hall is 594m², with associated Changing Rooms, a Fitness Suite, Shower and Storage areas as well as tiered seating.

Project Details

The external areas include grass playing pitches/sports areas, Astroturf pitch, a cross country running track, a woodland area and 3 external classrooms.

Our role involved the provision of Mechanical, Electrical, and Security Services specification & design services, as well as site monitoring for the complete development.

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